Sunday, September 03, 2006


It rained yesterday.

Actually, it was the summer monsoon.

Where I live it does not rain much during the year. When it does, a majority of the time it is a few drops and then nothing. Most of the rain comes in the late summer and for a few weeks in the middle months of winter.

Last night, I sat on the back porch and watched the rain pour from the sky. I could see our small mountain in the distance and smell earth in the air. I could feel the rain mist upon my legs as the wind blew towards me. Water started to pool on the concrete and I swished my feet happily in the coolness.

I saw a television show a while back on water. If my memory serves me correctly, wetness is nothing but temperature & pressure. A man had specialized gloves placed on his hands. After a few tests to show him what water felt like with the gloves on, he was blindfolded. Other tests were run and he could not tell the difference between having the gloved hands in water versus the pressure/temperature portion of the experiment. I wish I could remember how everything was set up. It was amazing.

I thought of that show last night as I sat comfortably on the edge of the storm.

Most of my life, I’ve lived where the rain is a normality. Here, it is an anomaly.

Sometime soon, I will leave this arid desert and hopefully move to a place that is greener, wetter & ultimately more palatable to my liking.

I miss the rain.

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