Monday, August 13, 2007


I read a short story the other day. It was called ________ ____ written by ______ _____. In it, a man does the thing that people do: he works, he gets married, and he works some more and yet there is unhappiness in him. Marriage does not make him happy nor does his divorce. He loses someone very close to him yet he struggles on into the growing numbness of his life.

Later on as he ages, he finds a kindred spirit who only wants the quietness that he has lead- no more, no less. He finds a happy medium that surprises him, yet still lacks the fulfillment that he does not know he has already. Again, tragedy strikes and he finds himself alone again in reflection of his life and loss. He has no financial burdens in retirement with investments well made, but nothing else to show his heart that life was, had been or could be okay for him. He just has the silence of the water and land around him to contemplate.

As I finished reading this, I wondered if this was all there was in life: a series of disappointments to make you wonder if it was worth it. More and more, I feel that this is exactly what life is like for many of us. We slave away at jobs we despise no matter the good or bad amounts of pay we receive in return. We date & marry people we don’t love and miss out on the ones you do. We rarely take time to smell the roses as they say. Nearly every one I know needs more time off after their week of vacation because it was an actual chore, yes A CHORE to be on vacation. My generation has loads of people my age still trying to figure out what they are going to do with their life- some of them still from the safe environs of their parent's house (and I’ve been there). How many of you can say you are truly happy or just bitter? I bet a good lot of you vote for the latter more than the former.

I am just like you ______ _____.

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