Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Movies, Best of 2007

2007 was an off year for me. What I mean is that I did not get to see the number of movies I normally do. 26 movies seen makes it very difficult to rate my top ten movies of the year, when there were so many others that I missed that could potentially rate as a favorite. The other part of what make this difficult is that many of the movies I saw in the beginning of last year were movies that were “officially” released in 2006 in order to be considered for the Academy Awards- even though they were not shown in my area until 2007. Do I say that ‘The Lives of Others’ is not available to be my number one movie of 2007 because of that? Who can say?

This year, I will not do a top ten only because I did not see enough films- but I will say that ‘No Country For Old Men’ was the best film I got to see last year friend-o.

The Coen Brothers have achieved many things in their storied careers and this film puts them into the rarified air of top directors. Yes, they also make quirky films but this film shuts up any critic or anyone else who says they cannot make a serious and epic film. Plus, they write too! Bonus for all of us.

Popcorn movie of the year: Juno. What lovable movie this is. I want to go see it again to laugh at the same zany dialog and smile like I did when I left the theatre. Maybe the most fun I had at the movies this year.

Movie I waited for a long time that did not disappoint: The Simpsons Movie. Homer and the gang (should I really say Groening and the Gang?) delivered the Simpsons movie we’ve waited a long time to see. Now I can laugh at the things I missed because I got the DVD for Christmas. Woohoo!

Here is the complete list of movies I saw in 2007:

1) The Painted Veil
2) Notes on a Scandal
3) Children of Men
4) Letters From Iwo Jima
5) Pan's Labyrinth
6) Venus
7) Little Children
8) Breach
9) Days of Glory (Indigenes)
10) The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen)
11) Zodiac
12) Shooter
13) The Namesake
14) Grindhouse
15) The Reaping
16) Shrek the Third
17) 28 Weeks Later
18) Black Book (Zwartboek)
19) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
20) The Simpsons Movie
21) 3:10 to Yuma
22) American Gangster
23) No Country For Old Men
24) Before the Devil Knows Your Dead
25) I Am Legend (IMAX)
26) Juno

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