Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Tirade #3

OK, long time no post.
A couple of things... maybe more, I'm in a mood- hence the tirade:

What is it with women who think they need cosmetic surgery?
Specifically the injections in the lips? Don't they realize that they look like Donald Duck?

I saw a woman the other week and I wanted to give her some Looney Tunes lines to see if she would start following along. Women, I know that some of you might have vanity issues and want to look younger for yourselves, your mate or whatever- hell, maybe you are getting signals from your partner or subliminally get them from the publishing/advertising world. Please know that we love you the way your are. Granted, men are shallow assholes when it comes to our own looks and you might get that feeling that we want you to look younger, well let me tell you: we just want to feel more secure in our own minds and I think that is why men stray... but, that is another topic.

NBC sucks! Boy, did they screw up the opening ceremony for the Olympics. If I wanted to see a new camera angle every 3 seconds, I could tune into MTV or whatever passes for music video programming these days. Hey jackasses at the home office in NYC: we have brains and know how to use them so please stop force feeding us visual cues on how great you want us to think things are. Oh and Hasbro would have loved it if you said a new board game was coming out next week based on the opening night monologues. I swear, if I heard that China had 1.3 billion one more time after the first two hours I would have been violently drunk because the drinking game I could have invented every time I heard "1.3 Billion!!!" I should hunt down Bob Costas and kill him for putting that into a perpetual loop. Again, we are not dumb but if you continue to treat us that way the exodus to cable and satellite will continue. Personal aside: I have not watched network television in years and the crap I put up with for the first night of the Olympics are the very reason I stopped watching.

More on television: My TV screen is not a computer screen.

I do not need a crawl at the bottom of the screen nor your logo in the corner of the screen reminding me what channel I am watching. And I can damn well tell you I don't want your advert interrupters flashing across a good portion of the screen when I am trying to watch a show. I can already disable that type of content on my computer at 99% of websites; don't think I don't relish the day when I can do the same on my TV too. Just stop it.

Whatever happened to common courtesy and manners? I used to think that kids were rude, but I find out that they have been taught the manners that their parents have forgotten. Simple things as saying hello when its said to you, or speaking when spoken to. Folks, it really matters.

And the biggest rant of all: Do any of you out there see the irony when our jackass leader says that Russia invading Georgia is without any merit and is essentially against any kind of moral code, law, UN Security Council violation or just plain wrong. Hmm. Did we not do the same thing when we invaded Iraq? Millions around the world protested the unlawful invasion of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. You know, they used to string up leaders and people for making dumbsh*t decisions like that. I am certainly not advocating it, but stating a fact.

People of the U.S., please wake up.

Hopefully, I will post more often.

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