Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Tirade #2

What the hell is it with all the dipsh*t's who cannot fathom the idea of driving in a sane and/or rational way? It's like they selected "I for Idiot" instead of D when they put their car in gear.

I find the following things terribly annoying when I am driving:

  1. Morons who fail to use a turn signal.
  2. Morons who fail to stop at a stop sign.
  3. Morons who think that by going a million miles an hour faster than the posted speed limit, they will get there faster.
  4. Morons who peel out at the stop light when it turns green.
  5. Morons who drive through pedestrian walk ways when there are pedestrians actually present in the walkway already!
  6. Morons who run red lights.
  7. Morons who like to tailgate me. (I just love to take my foot off the gas pedal and slow down for these idiots).
I really want to mount a grenade launcher onto the roof of my van to take care of some of these bozo's- that and an L.E.D. message board that I can flash messages at them (like SLOW THE F*** DOWN!! MORON!).

I feel better now.

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