Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today, at a nationally known coffee place I heard the following snippet of conversation as a trendy, wannabe guy walked in:

..."I am so irritated, that I cannot even have caffeine right now".

He proceeds to hang up his cell phone and exclaim loudly at the woman behind the counter:

"Do you have any milkshakes?"

"We have frappuccino's"

"Is there any caffeine in it?"

"Yes, plus..." (and she lists what is in one)

"Well, can I just get a chocolate milkshake?"

At that point, I looked at my friend as we were both smirking and said to him that I had to get out of there before I laughed so hard and loud that it would be quite embarrassing. He agreed with me and as I turned to leave, I caught one of the other employees eyes as they just rolled back as if to say: Can you believe this idiot?

Laughing quietly, we left.

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