Sunday, February 04, 2007

Post Super Bowl Thoughts

My prediction was true & the score nearly spot on with the Colts winning 29-17 over the Bears (I picked 26-16 and a good buddy of mine that I have a friendly rivalry with predicted 24-14).

I do not agree with the MVP selection. Peyton had a decent game going 25-38 for 247 with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. The MVP selection should have been split between Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes.

Addai’s stats:

19 rushes for 77 yards
10 catches for 66 yards

Rhodes’ stats:

21 rushes for 113 yards, 1 Touchdown
1 catch for 8 yards

That is a combination of 264 yards of total offense out of a total of 430 yards put up by the Colts! No way should Manning have been the MVP.

Super Bowl ad winners:

I loved the ads. Those office workers running over the cliff like lemmings was hilarious.

Budweiser came through yet again with a serious of funny ads. The Carlos Mencia immigrant ad was the best of the bunch followed by the face-slapping ad & the rock, paper, scissor one.

Emerald nuts had I think the best one of all with Robert Goulet playing the mid-afternoon office prankster. Seeing him climbing on the ceiling was great.

Super Bowl gripe: all the god crap. Give me a break! I don’t care if you are a christian and that your opposing coach is also one. It has no bearing on the game and no place in the after game part. I guess Lovie Smith is pissed at god now because his team lost. It’s all a load of B.S. god did not cause you to win or lose a game. Boomer Esiason also needs to get a clue. It is not classy to say all that crap on television and no one cares that you are proud to know them because of it. What a kiss ___.

Good Super Bowl.

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