Tuesday, January 09, 2007

NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Ok, so I am trying to get over the fact that Dallas lost their playoff game at Seattle in one of the most bizarre endings you’ll see in a football game. This entire season has been a roller coaster ride if you are a fan of Big D and I for one am glad it’s over.

In a nutshell: THEY BLEW IT!

And I did not do so well for my playoff picks last weekend either- went 2-2 with my other loss in the final seconds at Philadelphia. Ironically, Philadelphia brought in a competent holder as a last minute signing for the playoffs while Dallas used their starting QB. Wonder if poor Romo will be holding next year? Wonder if they will use game balls for PAT’s instead of boxed ones?

Ok, onto the picks:

Going against conventional wisdom once again, I am taking three road teams as winners this weekend with only Baltimore as my lone holdout at home.

Baltimore is a more complete team than the Colts. Yes, they have Manning, but it will be sweet revenge as they Ravens control most of the game and win by at least ten points.

Philadelphia is the hottest team in the NFL right now (sorry Charger fans) and they take the hot hand into New Orleans where the feel good bubble will finally burst.

By all rights, Seattle should not be in this game with Chicago, but I give them the nod against the inexperienced & inconsistent Rex Grossman.

Finally in the game of the weekend, New England will find a way to win at San Diego. I don’t know how they will do it, but I find it hard to bet against Brady and Belichick in the postseason.

So there you have it: Ravens, Seahawks, Eagles & Patriots.

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