Sunday, January 14, 2007

NFL Conference Title Game Picks

Yet another week of bad picks for me. Clearly, picking playoff winners versus regular season winners is not my bag. After going 156-90 during the year, I have sputtered to a 3-5 record with 3 games left to get my head above water. Sigh… I am never going to make this a career as I had hoped. Wait a minute, that was another dream.

So, I missed going 4-0 for the week by a total of 18 points. What can I do to get some wins here? Should I suit up? Oh, I should just shut up and give you my picks for the week. I can do that.

New Orleans is going to win in Chicago. Not sure how they will do it, but it will get done. The only thing that can beat them is turnovers… and getting out scored… and bad weather… hmmmmm, okay they will win anyways. Destiny is the word for them.

Speaking of destiny, Peyton Manning and Indianapolis will lose to Tom Brady and New England yet again. The Patriots are the 800 pound gorilla that gets heavier every year for the poor Dolts.

So, there you have it. My Title game picks and ultimately, my Super Bowl picks.

New Orleans Vs. New England.

Should be one hell of a game.


Anonymous said...

You got it ALL wrong!!

It's Da Bears vs. Colts!

C'mon, get with the program...

Anonymous said...

I guess the girl knows what she is talking about!!! :)